My Second Home

My classroom is a library. It is the most wonderful place in the world to work! I am surrounded by books and computers. I have an open schedule, so there are students and teachers coming in and out all day. My room is large with picture windows across two walls so I can see the school pass by like a fish in a bowl. Before our new wing was added this year, I could look out the window and watch the children at recess as they ran through the courtyard and the playground. I miss that!

The funny thing about those fishbowl windows is that as people pass by, they forget that I can see everything they do outside those windows. The students always act surprised when I knock on the window and ask them to stop hitting or running. I have seen many things out those windows. Sometimes I feel as if I am spying on the world through my own looking glass.

My actual work space is not what you would expect from a librarian. I have piles that each represent a work in progress. My goal this year is to clear the piles and not start them again, but I keep getting new projects added to my plate. As long as no one touches my piles, I am ok. It is a bit like an archaeological dig, but I can usually find everything I need. Due to the construction that went on this year, I had to share my workroom with PTA, so all my projects are on the circulation desk. The kids are used to it, but I know it drives my principal crazy. Maybe this week will be the one where the piles are cleared, but it will not be today–I’m off to a meeting.

2 thoughts on “My Second Home

  1. Hi Christa

    You made me laugh describing the fishbowl windows and people forgetting you could see everything.

    My digital life is neat, tidy and organized. But I struggle to keep my physical work space the same. Maybe I will also clean it this week (or not).


  2. Why is it principals never appreciate that librarians are probably the busiest folks in the school building? My “piles” also drove my principal crazy, but, like you, the kids could always find what they needed!

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